You only get one body and habits on how to care for it are established early in life. These short lessons plant seeds, promote discussion and help parents establish important principles.

1-Beating the Odds
The decisions to take care of the body you’ve been given start early in life. Learn what those decisions are and how to make them.

2- Finding Your Why
Most decisions about your physical self are made by your emotional self and this lesson gives you some great strategies on making healthy decisions.

3- Lifetime Approach
Fitness is for everybody of all ages. Discover how your younger self today can help your older self tomorrow.

4- Alignment
True physical health involves the proper alignment of activities so you don’t accidentally hurt yourself.

5- Nutrition I
In a time where food is everywhere, this lesson covers how we sometimes use food in ways it was not intended for.

6- Nutrition II
Learn about habits concerning how we eat and when we eat, not just why we eat.

7- Routine and Rhythm
Use the power of routine and rhythm to guide a healthy lifestyle.

8-Love Yourself
This lesson helps us love ourselves and avoid harmful self-criticism.

Each lesson takes about 10 minutes. We intentionally use audio stories because they stimulate thought and discussion better than any other format. Some families listen together in their homes or cars and some parents listen one-on-one with a child. Use the method that works best for your family.