These are essential lessons on finding and keeping good friends. These short lessons plant seeds, promote discussion and help parents establish important principles.

The first friend you must accept and like is yourself.

How to recognize a bully and stand up to them.

Drugs and alcohol can either be introduced by people calling themselves friends or can become a poor substitute when we are lonely.

4-Addictions of Habits
Habits are as addictive as drugs and can be introduced by those who use friendship to deceive.

5-Following the Crowd
Every one of us feels a need to belong to a group or crowd. This lesson helps us understand that need and evaluate the crowd we follow.

6- Discernment
Understanding the difference between good friends and bad friends.

The power of aligning yourself with really good friends.

8-Making Friends
Not as easy as it seems! How to find them, make them and keep them is a life-long quest.

Each lesson takes about 10 minutes. We intentionally use audio stories because they stimulate thought and discussion better than any other format. Some families listen together in their homes or cars and some parents listen one-on-one with a child. Use the method that works best for your family.