Finding meaning and purpose are lifelong pursuits, but lessons on reaching that goal are best begun early in life. These short lessons plant seeds, promote discussion and help parents establish important principles.

The wonderful, powerful habit of dreaming and what it teaches you about yourself.

2-Goal Setting
Why goal setting is a misunderstood tool that can really help all members of a family.

One of the foundations of fulfillment is finding the gifts that are unique to each of us.

This lesson is about how to earn the character needed for a fulfilling life.

5-Lifelong Learner
The journey to a fulfilling life means developing habits of learning that last your whole life.

6-First Things First
Life works best when we do things in the right order and remain patient. 

This lesson covers the tricks to navigating challenging life transitions.

Each lesson takes about 10 minutes. We intentionally use audio stories because they stimulate thought and discussion better than any other format. Some families listen together in their homes or cars and some parents listen one-on-one with a child. Use the method that works best for your family.