Thank you for your interest in Father's Wisdom.

Each course is explained in a quick introductory video and contains a number of individual lessons. And each lesson is broken down into simple steps:

1 - Select the lesson you want by clicking START on the title of the lesson.
2 - View the accompanying lesson guide (PDF). Read about the purpose of the lesson.

3 - Gather your family and say, “Listen to this story.” And play the audio file. The stories are about five minutes in length. They are thought-provoking and will prompt you or your children to comment, share stories about the topic or ask questions. Younger children may respond better when you listen as a family. Teenagers may respond better when they listen with just one parent.

4- Use the lesson guide (PDF) to direct and share in conversation. We have included:
·     A Wisdom lesson
·     Scripture
·     Facts to Support lesson
·     Conversation Questions

5 - After the lesson is completed, use the suggested strategies to help nurture the seed of wisdom you planted.

Remember, you can listen again to any lesson as often as you like.